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Step RIght Up and See whats behind the Curtain in this weeks Carnival of Real Estate!! Here are ALL of the blog posts that were entered for consideration. All Here and All good.

Grab yourself a Cup of your favorite Thanksgiving beverage and come on it, Everyones Invited!

Jim Reppond presents Google Mobile with Voice Recognition for iPhone is Released. posted at The Seattle Specialist, saying, “Using Google’s new voice recognition technology for real estate and other purposes”

Purva Brown presents Sacramento Real Estate Gal: Ten Things for Realtors to do this Holiday Season posted at Sacramento Real Estate Gal.

Dan Melson presents Stop Short Sale Bait and Switch posted at Searchlight Crusade.

DebbieDragon presents Tips for Choosing the Right Mortgage Loan Analyst posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.


Julie Broad presents Rev N You with Real Estate – 5 Steps to Rent out your Property posted at Rev N You with Real Estate, saying, “Thank you for hosting the next carnival of real estate – and thanks for your consideration!”

Jesse Wojdylo presents ?We Haven?t Seen the Bottom in the Stock Markets Yet? posted at Subprime Blogger.

JCL presents Your Real Estate Investing Team posted at The Real Estate Investing Journey, saying, “Talented people around you will make success much easier.”

Joshua Dorkin presents Real Estate Investors & Landlords: What Kind of Car Should You Drive? posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

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Ro Troia presents Only in Boulder posted at Blog the Rockies, saying, “It’s a catchy headline, but I’ve been saying that ever since I moved to Boulder, Co in 1993. Boulder has a unique culture, I guess is one way to describe it. I tell people that someone could walk down Pearl St. naked and no one would bat an eyelash. They did just do that as hundreds of nude runners took the streets with the Naked Pumpkin run this past Halloween. It’s an annual event that takes place every halloween and not one that you would take your children to. Boulder did have a Munchkin Masquerade on the Pearl Street mall for the children that was held during the day.”

Scott Mahler presents Software That Can Help Streamline Business For Commercial Properties posted at Datex Media, saying, “One of the fastest ways to lose a client is to miss out on opportunities you have to serve their needs, which is why in today’s global economy, it is more important than ever to maintain quality customer service. This is especially true, when speaking of commercial property. Whether that commercial property is large-scale real estate or residential, there is innovative software technology that can help maximize the service you provide your tenants.”

Sarah Scrafford presents DIY Home Security: 100 Essential Tips, Tools, and Resources posted at Masters in Criminal Justice.

Jay Friedman presents Send Me Your Homeless?? posted at 805Local, saying, “real estate financing”

Rory Hernandez presents Removal of Acoustic ?Popcorn? Ceilings posted at 805Local, saying, “removing ‘popcorn’ from ceilings”

Shawna Ebersole presents Buyer Agency vs. Limited Agency posted at iShop Greenwood | Greenwood IN Realtor | Greenwood IN Real Estate, saying, “Thanks for reading!”

Joanne presents Real Estate: Return On Investment (ROI) posted at Central Oregon Real Estate.

William Doom presents Fannie And Freddie Suspend Foreclosure For The Holidays | Your Mortgage Planner 2.0 Blog posted at Your Mortgage Planner 2.0 Blog? Your Mortgage Planner 2.0 Blog, saying, “Thank you for Consideration”

Diane Tuman presents Good News for New York State posted at Zillow Blog.

Doug Willis presents Selling Your Home With Effective, High Impact Language posted at Up2Date.

Handy Saputra presents 7 Tips to Affordable Reverse Mortgage posted at Home Loan and Mortgage Info, saying, “Reverse mortgages have become popular over this past couple of years as a way of raising some much needed cash flow! If you have a home that’s paid off, or almost paid off, a reverse mortgage can help you live better by providing a steady stream of dependable income.”

Ben Roberts presents Overpricing your home is harmful to your wallet | Exit Real Estate 540 posted at Exit Real Estate 540.

Dan Green presents What Deflation Does To Mortgage Rates posted at The Mortgage Reports, saying, “Sometimes, a picture is worth a 1,000 hours of analysis on CNBC.”

Stephen Heideman presents The Mortgage Virtuoso : Plunging Housing Starts Is Bad News For Spring 2009 Home Buyers posted at Stephen Heideman, saying, “Home sellers rejoice — builders have stopped building.”

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Sandy Howard presents Asheville Mountain Real Estate Blog posted at Asheville Mountain Real Estate Blog, saying, “Offers tools to compare heating fuels in the ownership, purchase, or operation of a home.”

Melody Anderson presents Showing real estate on a fall afternoon posted at Postcards From The Lake.

Melody Anderson presents Buying a lake home at Lake of the Ozarks made easier with online technology posted at Postcards From The Lake.

Henri Schauffler1 presents Mortgage Broker Jobs: Mortgages In Freefall, But Mortgage Professionals Have Options | Entrepreneur Freedom posted at Henri Schauffler.

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