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By Mandelman


October 7, 2013

Dear Martin,

Thank you so much for being an advocate for homeowners such as myself. Without you, I don’t like to imagine where I would be. I have tried to make this letter short, and to the point, with gratitude and clarity. I hope you will post it so other homeowners can hear about the sort of help you provide.

It took Martin Andelman two months to do what Bank of America could not do in more than eight.
 After 5 years of searching for alternative financing without success, I began the process of applying for a loan modification in June, 2012.

I received the modification package, with a HUD phone number, which I called. We attempted a conference call with BofA, however they would not participate, saying I already had a Customer Relationship Manager assigned. I had questions regarding the application and tried repeatedly to contact the CRM with no success.

The application had a deadline, so I submitted it the best I could, trusting they would advise me should more information be necessary. First mistake. I now realize there was monthly expense information missing due to a lack of clarity on my part, and lack of response by BofA.

With no one to answer questions and application submitted, I then got written requests for information I had already provided, such as taxes, pension and 401k. Still, I could not reach my CRM so I faxed, and faxed, duplicate information, in the hopes it was what they were asking for. I called and left messages, I called the ‘concierge desk’ and left messages and set up appointments for phone calls that were not returned. Nothing. It took 2 months to receive a phone call from my ‘Customer Relationship Manager’, only to be told she was leaving.

Eventually I got a CRM who would return phone calls. Ah, at last. So grateful…
All is well, I was told. The application is complete. Only a little more information required, like 401 and pension information. (Again, having already informed them that this was not a source of income.)

An explanation of overtime, on Company Letterhead, was requested. This major, very large, corporation, said they do not provide letterhead.
They gave the option of the work number as an alternative, but BofA would not accept this. So this very large, major corporation suggested emailing HR. BofA would not …read more

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