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Steve and Tasha McLaughlin have had two kids since they bought their two-bedroom “Brady Bunch”-style house in South Natomas seven years ago. They need more room, but they can’t move: The house they bought for $256,000 is worth just $90,000, and an attempt to sell it failed.

Tasha McLaughlin, left, who runs a small business that organizes lacrosse tournaments and clinics, is flanked by daughter Quinn as son Ryan, foreground, and husband Steve McLaughlin play in the front yard of the South Natomas home the family is unable to sell.

Tasha and Steve McLaughlin bought their two-bedroom South Natomas house long before Quinn, 3, left, and Ryan, 4, center, arrived. But with the home’s value down sharply, they can’t sell for anything close to the price they paid for it, and feel stuck. …read more

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