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By Mandelman


I am humbled, speechless and gratified by your kind words. They mean everything to me.


“God Bless Martin Andelman.”

Dear Mr. Andelman,

I am writing to thank you for the greatest Christmas gift I ever received – you – speaking with me on the phone!

The most valuable gift any human can give to another is to truly listen. You listened, processed and took significant action applying your expertise and skills to advocate on our behalf at the peak of our financial crisis- on Christmas Eve, yet! My husband and I want you to know how much we value your time and the altruism you have shown to us.

After the culmination of what has been for us an exhausting, belittling, life-destroying, demoralizing, toxic stress-infused 2 years of attempts to gain any assistance from our mortgage servicer; (on what was at one point, ” the biggest event of our 20-year- marriage and long hard, accumulation of years of work- becoming homeowners); your conversation gave us hope and took the “weight of the world” off of my shoulders.

Thanks to your tireless efforts, abundant knowledge and awareness of the housing industry; along with amazing website blogs, articles and emails responding to urgent cries for help, and telephone discussions; I was able to take a deep rejuvenating breath of the Reality that I once believed in. You listened to me and took action to help us.

We appreciate your ability to articulate and connect with others on a human level, providing much needed guidance in addressing the needs of the homeowners trying to communicate with the mega banks and financial mortgage lenders during this time of great need in our country, and on this planet. You really care about what is right and take action to help. You are a Mensch.

Mr. Martin Andelman is providing a much-needed function to humanity with his unfailing actions and skills as a media spokesman and intermediary to the banking/loan-servicing agencies. He needs to be acknowledged and compensated in kind for the work he is doing.

I pray that our society responds in kind.

Thank you for being there Martin Andelman, you gave me hope and, “the greatest gift of all, “ your acknowledgement and respect.

Please let us know if there is anything we could ever do for you.


Lisa Tovar


I’m so glad that I could be of help. I only wish that …read more

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