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By Mandelman


Okay, so before I say another word… the answer is no… I am not making this up. And this is absolutely not a joke. What it might be, however, is the most completely distorted topic about which it has ever been my displeasure to write.

SallieMae is now offering financing for the high costs of… kindergarten? It’s even marketing loans available for pre-K, which I’m pretty sure we used to call, “nursery school.” I never thought to ask my mother how much it cost to send me to nursery school, but if I had to venture a guess… tell you what… I’d eat both my socks right now if the answer was more than a few dollars a day.

I want you to think about the dynamics of what’s being offered here for a moment before I move on. These are loans for parents who are in agreement that it’s of real importance that their precious and above-average four and five year-olds attend the finest kindergartens money can buy. Parents willing to spend more than they can afford on a private kindergarten’s… do you even call it “tuition?”

I’ve always said that there are two subjects in this world that I don’t want to know more about: fast food and airplane maintenance. Just think about it… knowing more about fast food could not possibly be a good thing. There are going to be times when you’re going to HAVE to eat it… and it seems highly unlikely that learning more about it is going to make it more appetizing. Are you feeling me?

And as far as airplane maintenance is concerned, well… I’d just prefer to think that it’s pretty close to flawless… that they only have the best and brightest woking in the field, using only the most advanced diagnostic tools and systems. I sure as heck don’t want to find out that someone working on an airplane isn’t drug tested at least daily or that his or her last job was at Jiffy Lube… and I don’t need to hear funny stories about the time extra washers were found in someone’s pocket after they finished their shift… and the plane they were working on had already taken off. Ha ha… no thank you.

Well, you can just imagine my surprise to discover that there is now a third subject that …read more

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