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Pat Holkesvig specializes in processing Lodi short sales. The following are the Short Sales currently on the market in Lodi. Click here to view all the homes for sale in Lodi.

AddressStatus Desc
1001 Edgewood Dr Lodi, CA 95240-0519Active Lodi Short Sale
1013 Dartmoor Cir Lodi, CA 95240-6607Active Lodi Short Sale
1021 Woodrow St Lodi, CA 95240-4322Active Lodi Short Cont.
1050 S Central Ave Lodi, CA 95240-5325Active Lodi Short Cont.
1103 Brandywine Dr Lodi, CA 95240-7402Active Lodi Short Cont.
11150 N Ham Ln Lodi, CA 95242-9450Active Lodi Short Cont.
1123 Port Chelsea Cir Lodi, CA 95240-7034Active Lodi Short Sale
116 Olive Ct Lodi, CA 95240-1225Active Lodi Short Sale
11627 N Davis Rd Lodi, CA 95242-9543Active Lodi Short Sale
11869 N Lower Sacramento Rd Lodi, CA 95242-9547Active Lodi Short Sale
1233 S Sunset Dr Lodi, CA 95240-5531Active Lodi Short Cont.
1239 Lakeshore Dr Lodi, CA 95242-3925Active Lodi Short Cont.
129 Harvest Ln Lodi, CA 95242-8338Active Lodi Short Sale
12974 Hibbard Rd Lodi, CA 95240-9314Active Lodi Short Cont.
1311 W Century #17 Lodi, CA 95242Active Lodi Short Cont.
1315 W Harney Ln Lodi, CA 95242-4500Active Lodi Short Sale
1334 Arundel Ct Lodi, CA 95242-4501Active Lodi Short Cont.
14 Sleepy Hollow Dr Lodi, CA 95242-9441Active Lodi Short Sale
1418 S School St Lodi, CA 95240-6243Active Lodi Short Cont.
1523 Lexington Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4782Active Lodi Short Cont.
15651 Linn Rd Lodi, CA 95240-9203Active Lodi Short Cont.
1607 W Locust St Lodi, CA 95242-2944Active Lodi Short Cont.
1619 Mariposa Way Lodi, CA 95242-2534Active Lodi Short Sale
1619 Providence Way Lodi, CA 95242-4746Active Lodi Short Sale
1628 Remington Way Lodi, CA 95242-4740Active Lodi Short Cont.
16736 N Alpine Rd Lodi, CA 95240-9332Active Lodi Short Sale
1707 Burgundy Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4513Active Lodi Short Sale
1711 Providence Way Lodi, CA 95242-4745Active Lodi Short Sale
17111 N Bruella Rd Lodi, CA 95240Active Lodi Short Sale
1713 S School St Lodi, CA 95240-6281Active Lodi Short Cont.
1721 Corbin Ct Lodi, CA 95242-3410Active Lodi Short Sale
1722 Victoria Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4792Active Lodi Short Sale
1741 Cape Cod Cir Lodi, CA 95242-4202Active Lodi Short Cont.
1741 Reisling Dr Lodi, CA 95240-6185Active Lodi Short Cont.
1819 S Cherokee Ln #54 Lodi, CA 95240-6360Active Lodi Short Cont.
1824 Cape Cod Cir Lodi, CA 95242-4207Active Lodi Short Cont.
1837 Winding Oak Lodi, CA 95242-4464Active Lodi Short Sale
1863 Lakeshore Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4230Active Lodi Short Sale
1870 Dove Ct Lodi, CA 95240-8860Active Lodi Short Sale
1910 Reisling Dr Lodi, CA 95240-6117Active Lodi Short Cont.
1945 Jamestown Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4706Active Lodi Short Sale
19783 Atkins Rd Lodi, CA 95240-9715Active Lodi Short Sale
2016 Jerry Ln Lodi, CA 95242Active Lodi Short Cont.
2019 W Elm St Lodi, CA 95242-2820Active Lodi Short Sale
2032 Gateway Cir Lodi, CA 95240-6729Active Lodi Short Cont.
2040 Incline Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4765Active Lodi Short Cont.
205 Cherry St Lodi, CA 95240-4803Active Lodi Short Sale
2053 Katnich Ln Lodi, CA 95242-4805Active Lodi Short Cont.
2054 Providence Way Lodi, CA 95242-4756Active Lodi Short Cont.
2056 Mammoth Lodi, CA 95242Active Lodi Short Sale
2059 Katnich Ln Lodi, CA 95242-4805Active Lodi Short Cont.
2062 Mammoth Way Lodi, CA 95242-4763Active Lodi Short Cont.
2080 Holt Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4812Active Lodi Short Cont.
209 E Oak St Lodi, CA 95240-2915Active Lodi Short Cont.
2090 Wyndham Way Lodi, CA 95242-4807Active Lodi Short Cont.
2107 Jerry Ln Lodi, CA 95242-2840Active Lodi Short Sale
2136 Starling Way Lodi, CA 95240-7892Active Lodi Short Cont.
219 Rainier Dr Lodi, CA 95242-2624Active Lodi Short Cont.
2209 Jackson St Lodi, CA 95242-3118Active Lodi Short Sale
2209 Lupine Ct Lodi, CA 95242-4115Active Lodi Short Sale
2214 Sun Valley Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4753Active Lodi Short Sale
2239 Olson Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4797Active Lodi Short Cont.
224 Daisy Ave Lodi, CA 95240-1106Active Lodi Short Sale
2250 Scarborough Dr #15 Lodi, CA 95240-6645Active Lodi Short Cont.
2306 Giannoni Way Lodi, CA 95242-4795Active Lodi Short Cont.
231 Mission St Lodi, CA 95240-5318Active Lodi Short Cont.
2318 Medallion Way Lodi, CA 95242-4749Active Lodi Short Cont.
2322 W Turner Rd Lodi, CA 95242-2164Active Lodi Short Cont.
236 Dunsmuir Dr Lodi, CA 95240-6310Active Lodi Short Sale
2400 Eilers Ln #1503 Lodi, CA 95242Active Lodi Short Sale
2401 Eilers Ln #1003 Lodi, CA 95242-9149Active Lodi Short Cont.
2401 Eilers Ln #1007 Lodi, CA 95242Active Lodi Short Cont.
2401 Eilers Ln #103 Lodi, CA 95242-9147Active Lodi Short Cont.
245 Hilborn St Lodi, CA 95240-4141Active Lodi Short Cont.
247 Arcadia Pl Lodi, CA 95240-8891Active Lodi Short Sale
2508 Mercato Ln Lodi, CA 95240-8908Active Lodi Short Cont.
2535 Potomac Way Lodi, CA 95242-4770Active Lodi Short Sale
2551 Douglas Fir Dr Lodi, CA 95242-8315Active Lodi Short Cont.
26 S Ham Ln Lodi, CA 95242-3001Active Lodi Short Sale
2923 Applewood Dr Lodi, CA 95242-8318Active Lodi Short Cont.
312 Chestnut St Lodi, CA 95240-4018Active Lodi Short Cont.
312-1/2 Flora St Lodi, CA 95240-4117Active Lodi Short Cont.
321 Rainier Dr Lodi, CA 95242-2627Active Lodi Short Sale
340 Eden St Lodi, CA 95240-4112Active Lodi Short Cont.
35 Genie Way Lodi, CA 95242-2835Active Lodi Short Sale
361 Valley Ave Lodi, CA 95240-7888Active Lodi Short Cont.
398 Valley Ave Lodi, CA 95240-7891Active Lodi Short Sale
400 Almond Dr Lodi, CA 95240-7822Active Lodi Short Sale
401 S Central Ave Lodi, CA 95240-4103Active Lodi Short Sale
412 N School St Lodi, CA 95240-1229Active Lodi Short Cont.
417-1/2 Flora St Lodi, CA 95240-4209Active Lodi Short Sale
437 Porta Rossa Way Lodi, CA 95240-8905Active Lodi Short Cont.
442 Hummingbird Dr Lodi, CA 95240-7816Active Lodi Short Cont.
445 Almond Dr #77 Lodi, CA 95240-6369Active Lodi Short Sale
445 Massarosa Ln Lodi, CA 95240-8901Active Lodi Short Sale
448 San Pietro Ln Lodi, CA 95240-8903Active Lodi Short Sale
449 Tuscolana Way Lodi, CA 95240-8914Active Lodi Short Sale
500 N Sunset Dr Lodi, CA 95240-1630Active Lodi Short Sale
506 N Sunset Dr Lodi, CA 95240-1630Active Lodi Short Sale
507 Sacramento St Lodi, CA 95240Active Lodi Short Sale
510 W Cardinal St Lodi, CA 95240-5611Active Lodi Short Cont.
513 W York St Lodi, CA 95240-5233Active Lodi Short Sale
516 Perlegos Way Lodi, CA 95240-8879Active Lodi Short Sale
516 Tuscolana Way Lodi, CA 95240-8912Active Lodi Short Sale
518 Massarosa Ln Lodi, CA 95240-8902Active Lodi Short Sale
519 Hilborn St Lodi, CA 95240-4203Active Lodi Short Cont.
520 Windsor Dr Lodi, CA 95240-5228Active Lodi Short Cont.
522 E Pine St Lodi, CA 95240-3034Active Lodi Short Cont.
527 Tuscolana Way Lodi, CA 95240-8912Active Lodi Short Sale
540 Daisy Ave Lodi, CA 95240-1012Active Lodi Short Cont.
610 S Washington St Lodi, CA 95240-4138Active Lodi Short Sale
613 Corfino Ln Lodi, CA 95240Active Lodi Short Sale
621 Rimby Ave Lodi, CA 95240-6013Active Lodi Short Sale
65 W Armstrong Rd Lodi, CA 95242-9595Active Lodi Short Cont.
700 Mccoy Ct #3 Lodi, CA 95240-8103Active Lodi Short Sale
716 Live Oak Way Lodi, CA 95242-2056Active Lodi Short Cont.
717 Westwood Ave Lodi, CA 95242-2460Active Lodi Short Cont.
718 Park St Lodi, CA 95240-5221Active Lodi Short Sale
728 James St Lodi, CA 95242-2207Active Lodi Short Sale
752 Golden Ave Lodi, CA 95240-0651Active Lodi Short Cont.
7999 Bella Vina Lodi, CA 95240-9520Active Lodi Short Cont.
8 S Cambridge Dr Lodi, CA 95242-3212Active Lodi Short Sale
801 S Rose St Lodi, CA 95240-4624Active Lodi Short Cont.
811 Evergreen Dr Lodi, CA 95242-4686Active Lodi Short Cont.
835 Daisy Ave Lodi, CA 95240-0937Active Lodi Short Cont.
910 Rutledge Dr Lodi, CA 95242-2141Active Lodi Short Sale
916 N Pleasant St Lodi, CA 95240Active Lodi Short Sale
928 W Turner Lodi, CA 95242Active Lodi Short Cont.
930 W Tokay St Lodi, CA 95240-3930Active Lodi Short Sale

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