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By Mandelman


If you’re not Jewish, you probably don’t realize that Hollywood makes its movies in Jewish versions in addition to the versions they show in the theaters which are Rated G… for “Goyim.” It’s true. Okay, so I’m just being silly, but a lot of people do actually think that Jews control Hollywood, but if were true… how do explain Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen?

Okay, so I’m kidding… what really happened here was that a couple of weeks ago stand-up comedian Elayne Boosler recently asked her friends on Facebook, in celebration of the Jewish New Year, to come up with their favorite Jewish movie titles.

And, everyone that knows me knows how much I love a fun word game, right? Of course, right.

So, here they are, the TOP JEWISH MOTION PICTURES OF ALL TIME. I posted them on Facebook earlier and they were so well received, that I thought I’d share them with everyone else too.

L’Chaim y’all!

Battle of the Bris

Goys of New York

Kosher vs. Kosher

Borscht on the 4th of July

The Sounds of Money

The Klutz & I

Upper Eastside Story

A Mensch for all Seasons

A Nudnik on Elm Street

Putz Fiction

Shtup in the Afternoon

She Wore a Yellow Schmatta

Schvitzing through the Pain

Sex, Size and Feeling Verklempt

Yiddish Tambourine

Noodle Kugel Handy

Inherit the Wealth

A Fagele in the Crowd

The Dear Hocker

Desperately Seeking Chutzpah

Bagel and the Priest

The King of Kibitzing

A Kvetch of Their Own


The Greatest Schnoz on Earth

High Expectations

The Noodge Who Came to Dinner

The Quiet Yutz

Saturday Night Yontef

A Tan in All Seasons


Absent Macher

Tsuris of Endearment

Landsman of Arabia

Tushie Recall

Meshugener of 34th St.

Expense with Sensibility

Boychik in the Hood

Come Back Little Shiksa

It Takes a Ganef

Bake the Knish Slowly

Like Kreplach for Kugel

The Kvelling Fields

Lox in America

Goyim Prefer Blondes

A Nebbish to Remember

The Oy Veh! Incident

Rebbe Without a Pause

Shleppers On a Train


A Slight Case of Mishegass

Blintz of the City

Ordinary Nudniks

Old Men Shout

Never On Saturday


Married to the Mohel

What’s Wrong, Doc?

His Fee Grew in Brooklyn

The 39 Schleps

This Is Spinal Pain

To Have and Have More

That’s Strife!

The Man Who Loved Matzo

Manachem X


Mandelman out.

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