Spanos West Stats for March 2012


  • There were 35 homes for sale at the end of the month.
  • Average sales of 10 units per month for the prior year indicates there is a 4 month inventory.
  • This community fares well in relationship to other communities in Stockton.
  • Average sales prices in this community still exceed the cost to build.

What these Numbers Mean to You:

  • Homes may take longer to sell and sellers may have to be aggressive about their asking price.
  • 120 homes sold in Spanos West during the 12 month period. Based on current inventory and sales levels it could take 4 months to sell a new listing.
  • Fairly priced, quality homes continue to move well in Spanos West.

Opportunities exist for buyers! Bargain prices in this community are hard(er) to find!

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Pat Holkesvig, CEO, Inc.