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Many have fallen prey to these economic times through no fault of their own, and are unable to keep up with their commitments. Some homeowners with adjustable-rate loans can’t make their payments when rates adjust; others fall behind because of a job loss, divorce or illness.It is estimated that more than a million homeowners will face foreclosure before this mess ends.

If you think you might be losing your home to foreclosure please consider a short sale.A short sale is when a homeowner, after lender approval, sells their home for less than the amount owed. Short sales are very popular because they are less damaging to credit reports and scores than foreclosures. A foreclosure on your credit report can make many of the most simple – but important – tasks of a normal life including renting or purchasing a home, financing a car, obtaining insurance and getting a new job a challenge.

The key to a successful short sale is lender approval. I have extensive short sale negotiation experience and have more short sales listings in San Joaquin County than any other agent. I know how to get the job done. I am paid by the lender out of the proceeds of sale (no sale, no payment) and as always my service is cost-free to the homeowner.

The first step is always the hardest, coming to the REALIZATION that you need help. The quality of the help you find will determine the success of the outcome.

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