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In the county that brought the Gold Rush, surging with newcomers and rough-hewn mining camps, prospects of another boom are unnerving the modern-day populace.

Andrea Howard of the Parker Development Co. walks in an old lime quarry that is the site of the planned 3,236-home Marble Valley project.

A road sign in Shingle Springs expresses opposition to the San Stino project, which proposes to develop 1,041 homes on 645 acres.

Acres of undeveloped land span the countryside where the Marble Valley project would develop homes, parks and school sites.

Amid country houses and rustic farms, signs along Mother Lode Drive in Shingle Springs urge local residents to oppose the San Stino development. Real estate market forecasts suggest nearly 12,000 homes could be built in El Dorado County in the next two decades. …read more

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