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Don’t be afraid to ask the customer service representative for your mortgage servicer who owns your mortgage. The owner, who is often referred to as the investor, might be different from the servicing company or bank that collects and processes your payments. Lenders often sell off the servicing rights, too. So it is very common for the owner and the servicer to be different entities. Many people don’t realize, if you have an issue concerning the terms of your note and mortgage you may need to contact the owner, and not the servicer. The owner has the final approval of any loan modifications or short sales approval terms. This can pose a huge problem because so many people have no idea who this man behind the curtain is controlling their fate. Two of the most common mortgage holders are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, however there are many more. If you are not sure who owns your mortgage there are a few links that can help you. You can start by checking to see if Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae own your mortgage. If neither Freddie or Fannie owns your mortgage, you can try searching the MERS servicer ID database for other investors. If you are still unable to determine who owns your loan, send a written request for the investor’s contact information to your mortgage servicer.

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