SELLER FINANCING – What You Need to Know

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By Steve Seller Financing has been used in real estate and other transactions for thousands of years and still possesses the dual capacity to provide unique investment opportunities with equally unique risks for all parties. This Article is intended to identify the pro’s and con’s of Seller Finance. What’s Great About Seller Financing 1. No […]

All cash buying hits a record in 2012: Parts of Florida see investors buying up 70 percent of all home sales. California all cash buying hit a record in 2012 at over 32 percent of sales.

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The amount of investor buying hit a record in 2012. Last year for California over 32 percent of all homes sold for all cash based on property records where no mortgage was recorded with the sale. Some of these homes went to owner occupied sales but the vast majority based on “absentee buyers” signifies that […]

New Amazon Fulfillment Center Opening in Tracy

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Amazon has announced plans to open a 1 million square foot fulfillment center in Tracy this upcoming September. It is anticipated that the facility will provide over 1000 jobs. This combined with the 2500+ jobs created by the new prison hospital in Stockton should result in increased housing demand at a time when housing inventory […]

Why is the Fed Suing S&P and What Does it Mean to You?

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On February 5th, the Justice Department announced that it is suing Standard & Poor’s for fraud relating to an alleged scheme to defraud investors which played a significant role in causing our financial meltdown and the collapse of the real estate market. Most people are unaware of what this is all about and who S&P […]