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By Mandelman


Another reader of mine for many years writes to thank me for helping a friend of hers… a homeowner whose 9 year-old son is autistic ands has very special needs. When she called to ask for my help, her friend was being evicted… she had already lost the home. She had already been ripped off by scammers for several thousand dollars too. She was all but certain to be moving out of her home in a matter of weeks, the sheriff was literally already at her door.

I contacted an executive at Chase and explained what was going on… he was willing to try to help… and he did. It wasn’t easy, however, and at one point when we thought it was all fixed, the homeowner didn’t sign the docs and it went back into foreclosure. But thanks to Chase, we turned it around again… and today the borrower is safe and sound with a mortgage she can afford.

And I have to admit that when I received the letter below, it brought a few tears to my eyes… and felt really good to know I had been able to help, but the credit really belongs to JPMorgan Chase who did something above and beyond the call of duty here and deserves to be recognized for it.

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Dear Martin,

First of all I would like to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you. I very much appreciate what you are doing for people. I know that countless hours are spent saving one home and one family. I wish I had known you before I became a victim of Wells Fargo, but you helped my brother and sister-in-law and for that our family will be forever in your debt.

This letter, however, is not about me or my family, it’s about a family that you have made all the difference in the world for. My friend was in a desperate situation. Her home had been sold and she was staring at the sheriff’s notice on her front gate. She was crying hysterically and did not know what she would do.

She is caring for her elderly mother and her autistic son along with her daughters. They were all facing a homeless situation. My call to you was out of sheer desperation to …read more

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