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It’s Thanksgiving week and we are thrilled to host CoRE #118. For those unfamiliar with how the Carnival of Real Estate works, Carnival of Real Estate showcases blog posts submitted by the best of the nation’s real estate bloggers and is hosted on a different real estate blog site each week.

Possible future hosts are mulled over like a good batch of spiced cider and judged using three of a possible 4, 756 criteria. This decision is not taken lightly and once made, the choice, only known by one trusted individual unknown individual (Drew Meyer) is placed in a “hermetically sealed” envelope and kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnalls‘ porch until opened by the same Drew Meyer, himself, and announced via Twitter using the code name “Carny.”
Twenty eight articles were submitted (here is the full list) and I would personally like to thank each and every author for their contribution. Sitting down to the task of reading this many posts was seemingly daunting, but I truly enjoyed the evening. Imagine me sitting next to an open fire, sipping the beverage of my choice, looking out at the driven snow… (Okay, I live in Stockton) But lets get into the Thanksgiving spirit!!

This weeks theme is not original, but needed. Thanks. I chose posts that were positive, helpful, uplifting, and genuine, and Thanks-giving. Oh, and well-written, with meaningful content, and even entertaining to boot… Congratulations and a heart felt thanks were earned by everyone, but I do have favorites… and here they are…


Purva Brown scooped FIfth Place like a big spoonful of mash potatoes for her post “Ten Things for Realtors to do this Holiday Season”

This well thought out post answers the ever so popular question, “What can a Realtor do to brighten the holiday spirit?” This post is a must read, and please come back here to tell me what an Orple is?? Great post Purva and congratulations!


Dave Peniuk sampled a Fourth Place for his super helpful post “No Property Manager? 5 Steps to Rent out your Property”

Dave dutifully explains the possible pitfalls of renting a space yourself and how to make sure you are considering the right information, asking the right questions and doing all the right things to get a great tenant. If this post isn’t something for possible landlords to be thankful for? What is…


Jim Reppond sliced himself off a piece of Third Place for his “thank you Apple” super cool, tech post Google Mobile with Voice Recognition for iPhone is Released.

Simply WOW! I have read Jim’s Blog for quite a while and often, mixed in with valuable information about the Seattle Real Estate Market, you get a juicy tech nugget, from this high tech, knowledgeable Realtor.


Ro Troia peeled the Second Spot with her very holiday-spirited post featuring fun ideas of things to do and see that happen Only in Boulder

Ro describes lots of very cool things to do and see in and around boulder, including the Naked Pumpkin Run? on Halloween day… Bring the whole family!! Ro.. Very fun post. and,,,


Melody Anderson brings desert to the party with TWO posts that just embraced the Thanksgiving spirit. Melodys first post, “Buying a lake home at lake of the ozarks made easier with online technology. This post is a practical guide showing how Google maps and both save a Realtor valuable time, and help them get more acquainted with their clients… Very valuable post. Thank You Melody. And if that werent enough, Melody included a photo blog of a trip down a beautiful fall street on the way to a showing… check it out, its truly amazing…

There were so many great articles, I also HAVE to mention some HONORABLE MENTIONS!!

DIY- Home Security-100 essential tips tools and resources, by Sarah Scrafford. This post is well written and contains tons of links to very cool DIY security stuff. and

3 reasons overpricing your home is worse than chicken pox by Ben Roberts. Great Material, and we can all be thankful for this valuable lesson.

Congratulations to all who won and all who participated, this was an extremely difficult Carnival to judge as so many great articles were submitted. For a Full List of all the Submission, click here.

Keep up to date with future RE Carnivals at and let them know if YOU want to host!

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