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Foreclosure consultants are any company or person that claim they can assist a borrower with loan modification services in order to save their home from foreclosure. Although there are some legitimate foreclosure consultants, there are many fraudulent companies who claim that they can help you save your home. In California, there is a high level of fraudulent activity in this area. Be advised it is illegal for attorneys, real estate brokers or anyone else to charge an advance fee for loan modification services. Loan modification firms are obligated to inform potential clients that they can get the same services for free from nonprofit mortgage counselors. Nor can a loan modification servicer receive payment until they have fulfilled all duties contractually agreed to with the borrower. Never work with any company demanding payment up front, requesting that you transfer the title to your home, telling you not to make payments on your loan, or instructing you to pay someone other than your lender or loan servicer. Before you choose to work with anyone to assist you with the loan modification process, contact your lender or loan servicer yourself.

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