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My understanding is that 10- 15% of homeowners in trouble will be helped by the Obama plan. Probably less in the Central Valley. Nationwide 60% of households have the credit score necessary to purchase a home and only 20% have the necessary down payment. Again, probably less in the Valley. It is also estimated that around 80% of the homes that were foreclosed on in the past 12 months have actually been listed. Who is going to buy the tsunami of foreclosures coming on the market? The brain trust at Fannie and Freddie have limited the number of mortgages an individual can hold in attempt to limit the number of investors in the market. Isn’t it about time this policy is changed? Shouldn’t well-heeled investors with a 20- 30% down payment, excellent credit and liquidity be able to help get us out of this mess and stabilize the Stockton real estate market? Open the market to well qualified investors and stop Stockton short sale and foreclosures!

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